Artificial Intelligence helps Hospital Clínic to reduce by 50% the mortality of patients with COVID-19.

The media and social networks echoed yesterday excellent news from the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona, announcing the preliminary results of their newly implemented Artificial Intelligence (AI) based software to treat COVID-19 patients. With the help of AI, Hospital Clínic has been able to identified clinical patterns that have allow them to stratified patients and apply personalised treatments. This has resulted in a 50% reduction of COVID-19 patients’ mortality as well as a prediction of their mortality with a 90% accuracy.

This artificial intelligence has been developed by S34M, a spin-off from Hospital Clínic that develops AI algorithms to support and improve clinical decision-making processes. A team coordinated by Dr. Garcia-Vidal is developing the project, funded by EIT Health, the European Institute of Innovation and Technology in Health, and has already proven successful results in predicting microbiologic resistance acquisition. Further steps are being taken to expand this solution to other hospitals and disease areas. S34M is aiming to accurately predict disease prognosis, leading the way to precision medicine and patient-targeted therapies in all areas of care. The benefits for patients, families and healthcare institutions are impressive.

At HiTT, we have been deeply involved in providing business guidance from the start of the company. We have actively participated in the supervision and management of the constitution of the company, and the definition of its business strategy. While we will be leading the business part of the project, more importantly, Dr. Garcia Vidal and Dr. Sanjuan (CTO) will keep working to implement artificial intelligence tools to remarkably improve clinical care and patient outcomes.