Clinical research and its benefits for the National Health Care System

Clinical research is essential in contemporary medicine. It is a source of knowledge to improve healthcare, as it helps to evaluate new drugs and therapies. It is a necessary step to test new assets but also to develop and gather advice from the best key opinion leaders. Potential benefits for patients and manufacturers are clear.

Benefits to healthcare professionals are also important. Clinical trials reputation to the professionals that complement their clinical duties with research. Competition in attracting those investments also trigger improvements in providers.

However, hospitals also benefit directly from those benefits. In recent years, many hospitals have published studies that demonstrate that developing clinical trials saves money in terms of the expenditure avoided in drugs purchase. These studies show that expenses avoided could achieve even 141.552€ per patient, although normally, this savings are around 10.000€ per patient. Other studies also quantify these savings around 8%-15% of the annual pharmaceutical expenditure per each speciality that develops clinical trials.

Developing a clinical research strategy should take into consideration all the factors, not only the upfront costs. Building a long terms strategy around clinical research has proven to be successful, in clinical and in economic terms.