HiTT receives financing from CDTI to develop a “Novel topical treatment for hand hyperhidrosis”

HiTT has been awarded a national funding of €277K from the CDTI (Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology – Public Business Entity of the Ministry of Science and Innovation), which fosters the technological development and innovation of Spanish companies. The 18-month project funded by CDTI and co-financed by FEDER, will allow HiTT to work on the development of a novel treatment for hand hyperhidrosis.

5% of the population, 367 million people, live with primary hyperhidrosis (HH), i.e., excessive sweating of the body or certain areas. Severe hand hyperhidrosis (21.6% of all HH patients) can range from constant dampness to severe dripping and results in grave everyday life and clinical complications. Despite the large incidence and the tremendous impact on patient’s health and quality of life no fully satisfactory treatment exists and 97% of sufferers claim their hyperhidrosis is not resolved. Sufferers are in great need of a safe and effective therapy that allows them to live a normal private and professional life.

Several therapeutic approaches exist to mitigate or alleviate the symptoms, but none is fully satisfactory without serious side effects, at a competitive price. HiTT aims to develop a highly effective, safe, and affordable novel treatment for hand hyperhidrosis. The funding received from CDTI will allow HiTT to complete the galenic development of its innovative topical formulation and carry out the necessary preclinical assays to move to the clinical phase of development.