Perspectives to mitigate payer uncertainty in health technology assessment of novel oncology drugs

Oriol Sola Morales is the co-author of an article about reimbursement decisions on new oncology drugs. You can access to the entire article in this link.

Reimbursement decisions on new oncology drugs are now often made while uncertainty remains about a drug’s risk–benefit profile. One consequence of this is a delay in patient access to valuable new medicines. The article explains the authors perspectives on strategies to mitigate sources of uncertainty in the health technology assessment process. These include flexible approaches for evaluating the additional benefit, such as better use of surrogate endpoints and health-related quality of life data, and renewed research efforts to define the optimal target population and generate real-world evidence post-authorisation.

KEYWORDS: Oncology, patient access, HTA, reimbursement, surrogate endpoint, Health Related Quality of Life (HRQoL)